destruction cancel

Fecha: 09 Diciembre 2020

Comunicado de la banda:

This cancellation is of course no surprise but still it is a very sad ending of a tough year for all of us.
Hope dies last they say, right? We tried to wait and talk to all people involved about the possible ways to save at least parts of the run, but it really was not do-able. The circumstances for a whole tour are not granted at this point.
Several EU countries are flagged meanwhile because of too high Corona numbers. One of the bitter facts are that WARBRINGER and most likely CRISIX cannot leave their countries and our governments are giving us no chance to plan a new run because of updated rules that occur every week, looking into something new at this point internationally is impossible!
Many countries are preparing a lockdown or tighten up the rules for events. We all know what a mess COVID 19 has brought to the live music industry – a whole tour through different countries, with an international line up, is simply absurd (under these circumstances) at the moment!
Nevertheless DESTRUCTION will try to play socially distanced concerts in the future, the package with the awesome BURNING WITCHES has worked great the last weeks and we want to try to book more shows together. Interested promoters please contact our agency DOOMSTAR: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.
Fans can also help to spread the news, share the interest and forward interested promoters to our agency!
Thanks a lot for your support – UNITED WE STAND!

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